Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa Block 100g


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Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate is luxuriously refined and deliciously intense.

EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa. A fine dark chocolate with robust cocoa flavours that give way to hints of roasted coffee and delicate citrus notes. To fully appreciate this fine chocolate, we recommend that you break off a piece and allow it to gently melt on your palate to release the full range of flavours.

Enliven your senses with the ultimate chocolate luxury, EXCELLENCE. With this range you will discover the expertise and craftsmanship of our Lindt Master Chocolatiers in blending the most aromatic cocoa beans with the finest ingredients to create a rich and refined chocolate of intense flavour and elegant texture.

The Lindt Difference from bean to bar.
Passion for chocolate at every step
- Finest cocoa (Lindt & Sprungli farming program)
- Roasting & grinding.
- Lindt Invention (Conching).
- Best Ingredients.
- Finishing with perfection.

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