We are happy to offer our customer payment instalments for order placed with AUZ 2 U. 

Terms & Conditions

*1st instalment of 65% of total order value would need to be paid to confirm the order.

*1st Instalment payment should be processed with in 24hrs of placing the order, to confirm the order. 

*2nd Instalment of the balance 35% of the total order would need to be completed 2days before the local delivery date. 

*If failed to pay the 2nd instalment on time, total order would be considered as cancelled and no refund would be processed from the 1st instalment payment.

*If products have passed their expiry date, use by date or best before date due to late payments. Customer will not be offered a refund. 

*The order will not be delivered with pending confirmation of the 2nd instalment payment.

*This service is only available for customers with a total order value over

LKR 10,000.

* All payments would need to be processed through a bank transferred to the nominated bank account. 

* Payment invoice can only be provided once the full payment has been completed. 

*Cash on delivery service is not available for this option.

*Pretrial delivery's can not be organised with this service.

*This service is only available for customer using our Shop It with AUZ 2 U option.

*When you confirm the order with the payment option you agree to all the  terms and conditions of our AUZ 2 U Store.