A mother of two amazingly energetic, mischievous children and the wife of the world’s most patient man. After an early retirement from the Cooperate world prioritizing the family commitments, always had the curiosity to explore new opportunities in the modern era.


Being in need to fulfil the little minion stomachs 24/7 with a busy schedule as a part time Dubbing Artist, identified & analysed the demand for online shopping especially for essentials, snacks, clothing in Ceylon.

So, the expedition began with Shamara to accomplish the task to help my self as well as the community. Subsequently we stepped forward to set up our first distribution centre in

“The Pearl of Indian Ocean” – Sri Lanka.

Here we are successfully completing a year sticking out through thick and thin over the great pandemic of the century - covid 19.

“It Is quality rather than quantity that matters” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

As my role of Head of operations in Sri Lanka, Its is my duty to bring the best service and in celebration with Shamara who Head of  operation in Australia to provide you with the best products to your doorstep.

“When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream”.
Enjoy your Order,
Thank You & Regards
Janesha Dharmaratne