* Is the price the final price?     

Yes, The price on our web site is all you have to pay. No hidden charges. You might have to pay a delivery charge depending on you location and the value of your order. 

* Do you ship to any other countries?

   No, We provide our services only to Sri Lanka.

* Why don't you hold stock in Sri Lanka?

  Is because, our service is to give customers the opportunity to shop @ all retail stores available in Australia. To give customers the freedom of choice.

As one size does not fit all when it comes to shopping 

* What shipping options do you provide?

  We do a sea freight shipment once every month. Details on the website.

Air freight can be organised at and extra charge. 

* How long does the delivery take?

   A Sea freight shipment is done once every month. Details on the website. Shipping time estimated 4 to 6 weeks.

Clearing time & local delivery estimated 2 to 3 weeks.

As this differs from shipment to shipment we provide shipping updates individually in regards to your order. 

 *What's the Maximum order qty?

Maximum order qty per product would be 5. if you do order more than 5 we will not be able to service your order.

*What products should ideally not be purchased/shipped?

Frozen items & perishable food products with a shelf life of fewer than 8 weeks, Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and lithium batteries, electronic & oversized items.

Not to worry we are here to advise you.

*Can I buy items for events & weddings?

Yes, you can purchase event food such as crackers, nuts, pretzels, lollies and confectionery Giveaways, themed decorations, outfits, masks and accessories are also available. You will have access to table runners, placemats, ornaments and much more event and wedding related items currently available in the Australian market

*How about bulky furniture products, flat packs and oversized/odd shaped items?

We are unable to accommodate these products within our service. 

*Can I shop from multiple retailers in one transaction?

Yes you can, That's the best thing about our service you do not have to shop at multiple stores you can browse @ multiple stores and purchase all the items from AUZ 2 U in one transaction. 

*What is the payment process & options available?

Payments would need to be completed to confirm your order. You can process your payments online through a secure payment gateway or alternatively we can offer you the option of doing a local bank transfer. 

*How do I collect my package in Sri Lanka?

 We have taken on all the hassle out of your shopping by delivering the order to your door. 

*Can I buy electronic items?

Sorry we are unable to accommodate electronic items within our service

*I need my order delivered Urgently?

We have got you covered, We have introduced a new service to our customers who purchase products from AUZ 2 U.


More details on our website.

*Do you do Bulk Orders?

Sorry, We are currently not doing bulk orders. We have a MOQ (Maximum order qty) of 2 per product. 

*What Items Can I order through Airmail?

Please click on the link below and it would give you a list of items that are prohibited or restricted by the Sri Lankan authorities. 

Sri Lanka airmail guide 

*Do I need to pay duty when I receive my order by airmail?

Sri Lanka admits personal gifts containing personal items in acceptable quantities. Sri Lanka treats gift items that exceed acceptable quantities as commercial goods that require an import permit.  All commercial goods attract duty.

It's also your responsibility to check if the Sri Lanka imposes any duties, taxes, brokerage fees or any other fees on the item you're sending. If you're unsure, please contact Sri Lanka Post Call Centre 1950 for more details. 

Don't worry we are here to assist you, we will guide through the process. 

*On the web site it shows "in stock", do you have stock in Sri Lanka?

On the "quick view" it dose not show you a location of stock. when you go in to the product it will show you exactly where the stock is heled. 

As we ship directly from Australia, products would show stock is available in Australia which we can organise for you on the next shipment to Sri Lanka. 

If you have any further question please feel free to get in touch with us

                                                   on our

Sri Lanka Support Hotline                          Australia Support Hotline 

+94 77 123 5465                                          +61 402 755 734